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I'm a Ph.D candidate at UC Berkeley in the Redwood Center for Theoretical Neuroscience + Vision Science GroupI work with Bruno Olshausen at UC Berkeley and Nina Miolane in the BioShape Lab at UC Santa Barbara.

I think about symmetry and geometry in neural representations for brains and machines

Join our community of neuroscientists and geometers at NeurReps.


GSI 2023 | Group Equivariant Sparse Coding. Shewmake, Miolane, Olshausen


ICLR 2022 | Bispectral Neural Networks. Sanborn, Shewmake, Olshausen, Hillar

PMLR 2022 | NeurIPS Workshop: Symmetry & Geometry in Neural RepresentationsSanborn, Shewmake, Azeglio, Di Bernardo, Miolane 

ICLR 2022 | Challenge for Computational Geometry and Topology: Design and Results. Myers, Utpala, Talbar, Sanborn, Shewmake, et al.

JMLR 2020 | Geomstats: A Python Package for Riemannian Geometry in Machine Learning. Miolane, Guigui, Le Brigant, Shewmake, et al.

SciPy 2020 | Introduction to Geometric Learning in Python with Geomstats. Miolane, Guigui, Zaatiti, Shewmake, Hatem Hajri, et al.

Community Organizing

2024 | Organizer, BANFF Workshop on Symmetry and Geometry in Neural Representations, Canada

2023 | Organizer, Workshop on Symmetry and Geometry in Neural Representations, NeurIPS 2023

2022 | Organizer, Workshop on Symmetry and Geometry in Neural Representations, NeurIPS 2022

2022 | Co-organizer, Bay Area Vision Day 2022 at UC Berkeley

2020 | Organizer, Lie Theory and Differential Geometry working group, Global via Zoom & Notion

Talks and Conferences

2023 | Oral Pres., Group Equivariant Sparse Coding. Neurogeometry session, Geometric Science of Information Conference

2023 | Invited Speaker, Bernstein Computational Neuroscience Conference, Berlin

2023 | Invited Speaker, Bispectral Neural Networks, Flatiron Institute CCN, NYC

2022 | Invited Speaker, Learning Group Structure from Data, 3rd International Symposium on the Mathematics of Neuroscience, Greece

2022 | Oxyopia Seminar, UC Berkeley Vision Group

Open Source Repositories

2022 - present | Organizer, The sparsecoding Library

2020 - present | Contributor, The geomstats library

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