Hi! I'm Christian.

This space is an opportunity for me to share my thoughts, projects, art, and research ideas in a way that's more intentional and permanent.


If you'd like to talk about DSSG, geomstats, math + ml + neuro, or a data science project, I'm happy to make time to chat, so feel free to contact me via email, phone, or social.

Kicking off a working group in Lie Groups and Differential Geometry!

July 21, 2020

Check out our Notion site here.

Geomstats Hackathon 2020 @ Inria

Geomstats is a new python library for computations and statistics on manifolds with geometric structures. 

While certainly the most novice contributor on the project with respect to Riemannian geometry, I had a great time getting involved with the small but wonderful geomstats community.

Check out the project on Github!

2020 GeomStats Hackathon at Inria near A
Check out my DSSG DataFest talk on our project with Memphis EMS!

~ Our part starts at 42:40. You can also watch it here. ~